Other Bands

5-piece metal band hailing from Wigan. Organisers of metal nights at Maximes

4–piece Liverpool based band influenced by the 60s merseybeat sound

The band’s “Breathe” promo video has since had an almost 4 month stint on Sky TV channel Scuzz along with airplay on Radio One’s Rock Show.

Have been described as a very diverse and intriguing metal band combining so many eras of accessible metal seamlessly well.

The future of emo music

Liverpool Metallers. Neither use nor Ornament!

The future of emo music

An indie band that have dancy rhythms and strong melodies.

Based in Wigan, punk band Flat Back Four can rightly boast that they have the battle scars and the V.A.T receipt from the dues paid to the rock gods.

Quirky, commercial rock pop with a touch of glam.

Wigan band, influenced by the likes of Fugazi, Mogwai, Sonic Youth, Tim Buckley.

Sexual blues garage rock ‘n’ roll

Real fall in to that category of band that write about the important things in life, they dare to talk about the cliches, but do so in such a way that – for those willing to listen – they can open hearts and minds to the world around them.

A classic blend of rock ‘n’ roll with a twist of the blues

Sexual blues garage rock ‘n’ roll

A one-man art-rock explosion.

Pontypridd Metal Maniacs

Named after legendary comedian Bill Hicks the band reflect Hicks’ mantra of honesty and integrity.

A 3 piece punk rock band from Northwich. The band are currently looking for gigs all over the UK.

100% punk rock. Made in Manchester.

Burly Chassis play as much covert rock as people can stand, mixing the unlikey and the stupid

An up and coming punk band from Southport

An explosive ska-punk five piece band influenced by NOFX, Less than Jake and beer!

Grunge/Alt Rock band based in Manchester

5-piece metal band from Wigan. Mixing heavy riffs, bouncing beats and gut-wrenching vocals

Indie/rock band from Birmingham.

Emo/screamo. Influences Senses Fail, Atreyu, 18 Visions, Story Of The Year. From Skelmersdale.

The strange world of Clownprince, Wigan’s own wayward nobility.

A punk rAwK band with sax, occasional flirtations with a harmonica, a dumb name and a social conscience.

Epic Scottish metal insanity.

A band called Conquest of Steel and only the Devil can stop them now!

Recently put out an EP on Chromium Records

Like the bastard sons of Johnny Rotten, t his young three piece seem hell bent on f**king up the mainstream and causing general havoc and mayhem with their music

Beautiful and stirringly horrid Influences are COC, Beefheart, Metallica, Dylan, Iron Maiden, Mr Bungle, Thelonius Monk, Tool, Chilis.

Their bubbling cauldron of sounds is ignited by influences as diverse as Lacuna Coil, Paradise Lost, Dream Theater and Soilwork.

Four singers, harmonising within an inch of their lives, and a barnstorming party vibe.

Sci-fi surfers from the Planet Wigan

There’s loads of them and they come from Accrington. Some of the most beautiful, haunting sounds that you’re ever likely to hear.

With musical influences from revolutionary bands like Refused, Glassjaw and RX Bandits combined with influence from soul artists such as Huck Daniels and Patti Drew and dance acts like London Elektricity