Traveling to Bolton on the Train


If you are planning to travel to Bolton from London, Manchester, Liverpool, or Birmingham, you probably would like to know some facts about this journey. There are many intricacies that you need to put into consideration that might help you save and also arrive faster. Having some guidelines could help you plan your trip better. The train service between these points is diversified and you can get different offers depending on the time you are traveling as well as the length of the journey. To help you understand what it means to travel to Bolton from any of these points, here is a comprehensive overview with facts about the journeys. For more information you can call the National Rail contact number

Liverpool to Bolton 

On average, the journey between Liverpool and Bolton will take you 1 hour and 14 minutes. The fastest you could get will be 1hr 8 minutes. During the week, 120 trains travel per day on average and journey time is often longer during weekdays compared to weekends and holidays. 

One thing about this route is that there are no direct trains to Bolton. You need to change trains to arrive at your destination. For your timing and to ensure you don’t miss your train, the last train leaves at 23:02. For those who would live to use the first train, it usually departs at 03:38. 

London to Bolton

Traveling from London to Bolton takes more time compared to getting from Liverpool to Bolton. Using the fastest route, the travel time will on average be 2h 44m while through the slowest the average time required is 2h 46m. Overall, the journey should take 2h 45m, so the time you will take is dependent on a number of factors. Like traveling from Liverpool to Boston, you get no direct trains from London to Boston. You will need to change trains to complete your journey. But this should not worry you as there are many free journey planners that you can use to create a schedule for your journey. The first train leaves at 06:16 while the last departs at 23:00, so keep time if you are going to use any of these. Additionally, there are no sleeper services and on weekends and public holidays services may be less. 

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Birmingham to Boston 

The distance between Birmingham and Bolton is 79 miles (equivalent 128 km). While traveling by train, this journey will take on average 2 hours 16 minutes. With the fastest train, you could arrive in 2 hours and 9 minutes. This time may be longer if you are traveling on weekends or holidays. Like many other routes leading to Bolton, you will need to change trains as there are no direct trains. The average frequency of trains in this route is 72 per day during weekdays. 

Manchester to Bolton 

The journey from Manchester to Bolton is the shortest in this list. This takes on average 20 minutes and the fastest could do 18 minutes. The average number of trains that run during the weekdays is 168 per day. During holidays and weekends, the journey may be longer. Good thing is that there are direct trains from Manchester to Bolton. The first train leaves at 05:47 while the last will depart at 23:55. 


Money saving tips 

If you want to save while traveling to Bolton from the destinations highlighted, you need to consider a few things. One is that you could save by buying off peak. Also consider buying before midnight a day before you travel. Buying in advance could help you save up to 40%. Get your tickets from a trusted ticket retailer in advance and enjoy the savings while also booking your slot.